Can I pay my rent online?

You can pay your rent online along with entering service requests through your online portal.

What are your income requirements?

We do not have income requirements. Your application is based off your credit and criminal background check.

Do you require renters insurance?

Yes, we do require renters insurance. All residents are required to obtain renter's insurance from a carrier of thier choice and each policy must meet the minimum requirements. At least 100,000 liability coverage. All persons shown on the lease must be shown as the "insured" party. The lessee's complete address must be shown as the insured premises. Covered perils must inlclude damage from WATER, FIRE, SMOKE and EXPLOSION. The propety name and address must be shown as addtional interest or interested party.

What is the pet restrictions?

All of the following pets are against our pet policy:

What is the school district?

5402 Friendly Manor Dr
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